Earth is home to many forms of life. We are committed to ensuring their well-being and proposing civil society ACTIONS to prevent irreversible climate-caused catastrophe. This means addressing the fundamental issue of sustainable energy as a long-term strategy in combination with shorter term strategies and ACTIONS needed to cope with existing threats. A Report to the Secretary General called for in the Declaration of the 60th UN DPI/NGO Conference and this collaborative website are "partner tools" aimed at helping civil society understand and respond to current and potential threats, as well as advocate corrective and collaborative action by all sectors of society, including governments, industry and individuals.

in 2007 the 60th UN DPI/NGO Conference, adopted by acclamation a Declaration, CLIMATE CHANGE THREATS: AN NGO FRAMEWORK FOR ACTION, in which participants committed to work collaboratively over the next twelve months to prepare a report for the UN Secretary General. The Declaration strongly recommended that all sectors of society partner to implement concrete solutions based on recommendations that will emerge from the report. To be "climate-sensitive," the report, crafted by Climatecaucus was widely distributed by electronic means. It also built upon, update, and further refined the exchange of views held during the 60TH DPI/NGO conference.

To develop this process, the DPI/NGO Executive Committee established an Editorial Working Group, which became the Editorial Board and create a report, supported working groups and a website ( Online “working groups” reported current effective strategies employed by civil society as well as proposed actions to combat the effects of climate changes.  Based on very positive reaction to the Framework For Action, the report is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace.  (c) is held by LRoeder to facilitate publication under EIN