Goals for 2009 and Beyond

2010   Lots of Action:

  • Various working groups have been proposed.

  • Climate Caucus will report out on its global survey

  • Formal operations as an incorporated entity, representing NGOs who can't afford to attend UN related climate meetings in Washington, DC, New York and perhaps other cities.

  • Climate Calendar  A list of Climate Meetings Climate Caucus plans to attend.

2009 was a great year for Climatecaucus.net.  (See also Participation 2007 - 2010)

We helped developed a statement by CoNgo to be used at COP-15 in December, 2009.  We also developed surveys to determine the future direction of ClimateCaucus, made plans for the incorporation of the NGO  and determined a main function, which is to represent NGOs who can't attend meetings on Climate Change in New York and Washington, DC.

Statement Text            Statement Cover Letter      Incorporation Plans (TBA)

Climate Survey            Climate Calendar



For questions, write to Larry Roeder, Editor in Chief, ClimateCaucus.