Focus is on the impact of climate change on war and war on climate change!

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Activate peace and environmental groups and other NGOs to coordinate their efforts in behalf of these changes.

Lobby and provide information to governments regarding conflict over water, fossil fuel, fertile lands, deforestation and its impact on global warming.

Make the connection between peace and environmental groups to point the way toward a Culture of Peace.
Emphasize change in lifestyle -- Conserve! Reverse disproportionate consumption of earth's resources, particularly energy by the industrialized countries and emerging countries.

Educate community about the causes and dangers of climate change. Provide information to the community at large through meetings, seminars and all other outreach techniques.

Make expert use of the media.

Most importantly, form collaborative efforts with other groups to strengthen the message.



Working Group icon is The Defeat of the French Fire Ships attacking the British Fleet at Anchor before Quebec, 28 June 1759 Painting by Dominic Serres